April 12, 2012

EPA cancels green chems grants

I just realized today that my phone has not been working since March 27. As I have been traveling for most of the past two weeks, I did not notice that my phone has not been ringing and I did not get indications of any voicemail until a colleague from the UK alerted me to this problem.

Thank goodness I only had 11 voicemails to go through!

But I'm betting this annoyance is not as big as the frustrations of several green chemistry researchers this week when they found out that grants they're looking forward to applying from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have just been canceled - with no explanation whatsoever.

According to a special announcement put up yesterday in the EPA website, the EPA cancelled grant applications for what was supposed to be a $20m, four-year green chemistry program. The solicitations include creation of "Centers for Material Life Cycle Safety" and "Centers for Sustainable Molecular Design," which were part of the EPA's Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program.

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