April 9, 2012

Biofuel news roundup

The blog is accumulating a lot of biofuel news for the past month.

Last week, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the first application submitted  for registration of E15 ethanol (a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline). Registration is a prerequisite to introducing E15 into the marketplace.

Biofuel advocates are currently pushing for E15, which if approved by the EPA, would allow producers to expand production to keep pace with the Renewable Fuel Standard’s (RFS) 15bn gal/year cap on ethanol derived from corn starch.

E10 (a blend of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline), which is currently distributed at the majority of gas stations in the continental U.S., is fast approaching a “blend wall,” in which production exceeds the volume of fuel that can legally be blended into the U.S. gasoline market.

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