March 16, 2012

Weekly News Roundup

I'm bummed out by the result of my exam grades today....On the other hand, I got my new (and first) Ipad!! Yipee!

Rivertop Renewables starts contract manufacturing
Rivertop Renewables has contracted DTI, a fine and specialty chemical contract manufacturer in Danville, Virginia, to pilot at initial 850 lbs/run the manufacture of Rivertop's glucarate-based products. Product made in this initial phase will be used to fulfill Rivertop’s commercial contracts for bio-based corrosion inhibitors. Remaining volumes will be used by the company and its customers to develop and test glucarate applications in other industrial and consumer markets. Subsequent runs will enable Rivertop and DTI to scale to a capacity up to 10m pounds/year of contract-manufactured products. This next scale of production is projected to come online in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Metabolix licenses bioplastic blend patent
Metabolix has granted a non-exclusive license to NatureWorks for patent 5,883,199 titled "PLA-based Blends," to make, use and sell blends of polylactic acid with certain other polymers including polybutylene succinates (PBS) polymers. The University of Massachusetts Lowell is the owner of the patent and Metabolix is the exclusive licensee in the relevant field.

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