March 2, 2012

Weekly News Roundup

I have to start working on my Bioplastek presentation soon or the organizers will never forgive me! Apologies for the expected less posting this month. There are also several earnings that came out the past week or so and I'll try to post if there are any other relevant news from Solazyme, Codexis, Gevo, Amyris, EcoSynthetix, and Metabolic Explorer.

For now here are our week's news roundup:

DRT, MWV in pine chemicals partnership
MWV Specialty Chemicals, a division of pulp, paper and packaging company MeadWestvaco, has partnered with France-based pine chemicals producer DRT. Under the partnership, MWV will purchase and market pine chemicals products (such as rosin, turpentine additives, esters and fatty acids) from DRT in North America and Europe. DRT will focus on core markets and manufacturing expertise but it will also market MWV's adhesive resins in Europe.

BiotechCorp in sago palm for chem feedstock
Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp) and CRAUN Research Sdn Bhd are collaborating to transform sago palm into a strategic crop where sago starch and biomass can be used as feedstock for biobased chemicals application. CRAUN Research has several works already being undertaken ranging from bioremediation, biofuel generation, and hydrolyzing sago biomass into fermentable sugar. Sarawak is reportedly the world’s biggest exporter of sago starch, exporting about 45,000 tons/year mainly to Asia region.

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