March 20, 2012

Green Surfactants Update

USDA-ARS chemists working on new biosurfactant yeasts
I am starting to work on my biobased surfactants article for ICIS Chemical Business' April 23 Surfactants issue to be distributed at the ICIS 2nd World Surfactants Conference in New Jersey.

In the new technology session, presenters will include Solazyme, LS9, Elevance Renewable Sciences, Codexis, P2 Science and Amyris as well as viewpoints from cleaning products manufacturers P&G Chemicals and Seventh Generation.

I will tweet from that conference (hopefully there's wifi available) via @ICISChemicalBiz. In the meantime, here are two interesting developments on biobased surfactants that the blog has been keeping in its draft for months now.

One is this company called AGAE Technologies LLC, which has shipped its first laboratory research-grade biosurfactant called rhamnolipid that is used in environmental remediation, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. AGAE started in May 2011 and has licensed this biosurfactant technology from the Oregon State University.

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