January 29, 2012

Semi-Monthly News Roundup

The blog will still try to do a weekly news roundup but for now here are some of the news that came out the past two weeks:

Genomatica licenses PROESA
Genomatica has obtained exclusive worldwide rights to the PROESA process from Beta Renewables for butanediol (BDO) production from biomass through any fermentation-based process. The companies plan to produce biomass-based BDO at demonstration-scale in 2012 at Beta Renewable's facility in Rivalta Scrivia, Italy.

Verdezyne secures patent
Verdezyne has been granted a US patent number 8,093,037, titled "Engineered microorganisms with enhanced fermentation activity" for the company's engineering of a yeast which incorporates xylose isomerase, a key enzyme in the fermentation of certain pentose (C5) sugars to ethanol and other products.

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