January 1, 2012

First 2012 post: OPXBio update

Happy New Year!!! The blog wishes everyone a prosperous 2012!

In my culture, we have this tradition that whatever you did in the first day of January is what you're mostly going to do throughout the year so maybe blogging today will make me more blog-productive throughout 2012. Crossing my fingers!

We'll ring the new year with this update from OPX Biotechnologies. This was my last interview for 2011 and my apologies to OPXBio for being so late in posting this. The green blogger was able to talk to CEO Chas Eggert - after doing his financial rounds in New York City =) and I was able to get new information especially the company's plans to diversify its product portfolio into the fatty acid and acrylamide sectors.

But let's start first with their recent financial round in September where the company was able to raised $41.2m in private equity financing. Investors now include Wolfensohn & Company, X/Seed, Altira Group, Braemar Energy Ventures, DBL Investors, MDV and US Renewables Group.

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