January 8, 2012

Feedstock news galore

I used to cover the agbiotech market where BASF, DuPont via Pioneer Hi-Bred, Dow Chemical via its Dow Agrosciences business, Syngenta and Monsanto where at each other's throat (I think they still are) competing to have the highest oil-yielding oilseed; the most drought-resistant and insect-resistant corn, soybeans, wheat, and other food crops; and developing crops that use less fertilizer.

This year seems to start the quest for non-food crops for use in biofuels and biochemicals.

DuPont said it is collaborating with NexSteppe to develop advanced feedstocks for biofuels, biopower and and biobased products. The collaboration will focus on the development of new sweet sorghum and high biomass sorgum hybrids. DuPont also made an equity investment in NexSteppe (amount undisclosed).

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