December 5, 2011

OPINION: A Gevo Case Study

This insight is by Martin Monroe, a strategist with over 20 years of work experience and a unique, advanced education in both management (PhD, MBA) and technology (MS biotechnology, BS Chem. Engr.).

He has been a strategy consultant to a major petrochemical firm, advised CEOs and Boards of small businesses, and twice been a CEO of small, tech-based start-ups. He previously held increasingly responsible positions in logistics, finance, marketing, and purchasing during 11 years at Exxon Chemical Americas HQ.

During his 7 years at three research universities, Mr. Monroe became a published scholarly author, a presenter at major scholarly conferences, and an invited speaker. Mr. Monroe has also taught 30 sections of undergrads, professionals, and MBA students across a broad range of management subject areas (Strategy, OT, Project Mgmt, Chg. Mgmt, OB, HRM).

This might be the blog's last solicited opinion piece for 2011 so I hope this will be an interesting read for you.

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