December 22, 2011

News Roundup

Finals has made me a grumpy green blogger yesterday but I just found out that I passed the semester course so all is well. In the meantime, I will try to do my best to post as much as I can before the year is out as I am starting my winter school program on the first week of January.

For starters, here are some of our recent news most from last week. I saw that Coskata has also filed an IPO last week so we will look into that in another post. Speaking of financing, watch out for my Renewable Chemicals investments 2012 outlook coming soon in January 2 on ICIS Chemical Business publication.

OriginOil forms biorefinery JV
Algae extraction developer, OriginOil, has co-founded a new joint venture (JV), to develop biorefineries serving U.S. and NATO military requirements for alternative fuels. The JV, Future Energy Solutions Unlimited, Inc. (FES), with its wholly owned Australian subsidiary, Alternate Energy Systems Pty Ltd (AES), plans to carry out bankable feasibility studies supporting project development and project delivery for diversified biofuel refining centers in strategic locations around the world. The Energime Group of Companies has given preliminary commitments to provide $1.5m in matching funds to AES and $3m to FES. The investments, to be finalized in early 2012, are intended to fund the planned bankable feasibility studies, leading to a key role for Energime in designing, building, operating and owning these refineries.

DuPont launches Sorona in India
DuPont will launch its renewable-based Sorona fibers for the Indian textile market. The business is organizing seminars in New Delhi and Bangalore to focus on applications developed by Indian mills and textiles companies. Partner mills, featuring Sorona® based products, including Arvind, Raymond UCO, KG Denim, Vardhman, Banswara Syntex, Suditi, Raymond Zambaiti, Precot Meridian and JCT.

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