December 28, 2011

Growth jumps for green chemicals

I hope everybody had a great holiday weekend and for those who are still on vacation (like me!!), enjoy the brief rest.

The blog is working on a list of top posts of 2011 but it might take awhile given that the blog had almost 200 posts to look into. In the meantime, let's look at the longer-term future of the industry.

The blog had gathered several consulting reports about the bio-based chemicals sector and it seems all are in agreement that this industry will remain strong and that no bubble bursting are seen on the short-to-mid-term horizon (we hope so!)

According to Lux Research's recent report on bio-based chemicals and materials, this industry is expected to grow to $19.7bn in 2016 as its global capacity jumps 140%. Lux Research said that it has listed down 151 global facilities and their intended operational dates, products and capacities. These capacities are expected to climb to 9.2m tons in the next five years.

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