December 2, 2011

Getting to know Renmatix

This post is a little bit difficult for me to do given my extremely little knowledge about sugar chemistry and its industry. I'm also not familiar with the sugar market compared to my 10-year background in the vegetable oils and animal fats industry.

But with everybody talking about sugar in the renewable chemicals sector, the blog might as well get to know Pennsylvania, US-based cellulosic sugar producer Renmatix a little bit better. According to their website, the 3-year old start-up company, stealthily funded by Kleiner Perkins, was formerly called Sriya Innovations and its current name is now derived from RENewable MATerials to show its commitment to this industry.

Renmatix claimed itself to be the current lowest-cost producer of cellulosic sugar. In September, the company unveiled its technology platform Plantrose process that uses supercritical hydrolysis, which Renmatix claimed can produce cheaper sugars than ever before from non food-derived feedstock (specifically woody biomass) for use in biofuel and chemical applications.

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