December 28, 2011

Coskata looking at bio-propylene

The blog normally does not cover IPOs (initial public offerings) filed by biofuel companies given that there are so many biofuel companies out there. But the one thing that caught the green blog's attention in their $100m IPO announcement is that the company defined itself as a technology leader in renewable fuels and bio-based chemicals.

Could it be that Coskata is expanding its expertise beyond cellulosic ethanol? Hence, we delve into their S-1 registration filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The company did say that it is initially focusing on producing cellulosic ethanol and expected to begin construction of its first "Flagship" commercial-scale facility in Boligee, Alabama, next year. Phase 1 capacity of Flagship is 16m gal/year at an unsubsidized cash operating cost of less than $1.5/gal (assuming feedstock cost of $64/bone dry ton of softwood). According to Coskata, market price for ethanol as of December 9 was $2.71/gal.

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