November 30, 2011

Weekly News Roundup

For those who have emailed me the past few days, bear with me as I am sifting through hundreds of emails (mostly newsletters and press releases - yeah I do need to unsubscribe to some of them one of these days...) My system inbox is also berating me for having several mega-byte attachments - it's not my fault!!

I still have Renmatix and OPX Bio on my next blog interview post line-up. I will not be doing any more blog interviews for the rest of the year so I can clean up my draft box in preparation for 2012.

By the way, I just wanted to share that the Green Blog celebrated it's 4th year last month so thanks to those who still hang on and follow the blog. I am currently working on Renewable Chemicals 2012 investment outlook for ICB's January issue so for those investors out there looking for exposure, let me know if you're willing to share insights.

For now, here is our weekly news roundup. I'm posting separate ones on the recent Amyris/Total JV and Verdezyne pilot plant start-up news.

BASF in bio EU project
BASF is participating in the EU-supported research project called BIONEXGEN (Next Generation of Biocatalysts) that includes 17 other partners from industry and academia wil a goal to develop new generation biocatalysts for more sustainable production processes in the chemical industry. BASF is taking part in research activities on new biocatalytic amine syntheses and on the use of enzymes for the synthesis of functional polymers from renewable feedstock.

Tessenderlo starts PVC recycling plant
Tessenderlo Group through its subsidiary Eurocell has started the UK's largest PVC (polyvinyl chloride) recycling operation in Derbyshire. The recycled PVC material is used for the manufacture of new energy-efficient products such as thermal inserts and cavity closers used in window systems.

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