November 23, 2011

Weekly News Roundup

Before I indulge myself into the holiday (and shopping) mood, let's get this weekly news roundup out of the way, which seems to be biofuels-centric. By the way, the blog just received an interesting news from LanzaTech and Global Bioenergies so we will take a look at it later this week -- after I finished my shopping.

For the US readers, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

ConocoPhillips enters biomass fuels
ConocoPhillips has partnered with Enviva LP, a manufacturer of processed biomass fuel in the US and Europe, to create a new company called ECo Biomass Technologies which will bring torrefied biomass fuels to the market. Torrefaction involves superheating biomass to create highly efficient fuel akin to coal. ECo Biomass' initial facility, scheduled to start in 2013, will produce wood pellets that will be sold under agreements with major utilities.

BASF creates global battery biz
BASF has created a new Battery Materials global business unit that will be effective January 1, 2012. The new business will integrate BASF's existing battery activities and catalysts division focused on cathode materials development), intermediates division focused on electrolyte formulations, and BASF Future Business GmbH that is focused on next-generation lithium battery opportunities.

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