November 13, 2011

EcoSynthetix expands bio-latex capacity

Admittedly, the blog is not that familiar with Ontario, Canada-based EcoSynthetix. The company first came into the blog's attention when it filed an IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange on July this year and began trading on August 4 as it raised around C$100m by selling 11.15m shares at C$9 (C$1= US$1).

By the way, just an interesting information to share, EcoSynthetix relocated its operations from Lansing, Michigan, to Burlington, Ontario,  this year after accepting government grants from Canada.

We will get to know more abut EcoSynthetix in a later date but for now, the company announced on November 4 that it has commissioned a new 80m lb/year production line in an existing facility in Oosterhout, the Netherlands, bringing its current total capacity to 155m lbs/year that will produce its ECOSPHERE Biolatex binder for the coated paper and paperboard market.

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