November 7, 2011

Amyris partners with Method

So, the blog was finally able to listen to the Amyris earnings webcast on November 1 and heard the confirmation that the company did buy Draths' assets although no amount was disclosed. Draths, according to Amyris, has been working with E.coli on bio-monomers production but Amyris intends to switch over to using yeast.

Draths' technologies in producing biopolymers such as biobased terephthalic acid (TPA) for PET manufacture and biobased polyamides and polyurethane represent over $50bn opportunity in several specific markets, according to Amyris.
"Draths' technology will be integrated really well in our current R&D activities," says Amyris. "Several very large companies are very interested in the Draths platform and we expect to have collaborations in place in the next several quarters."
And before the blog forgets the heading of this post, Amyris also announced its partnership with consumer product company Method to collaborate and develop ingredients such as surfactants and solvents based on Amyris' Biofene molecule for household and personal care products.

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