September 15, 2011

PTTMCC picks BioAmber for exclusive succinic supply

Just like my recent interview with Japanese firm Mitsubishi Chemical (see ICB article for subscribers), I am hoping to get to know more about Thailand-based PTT Chemical (PTTCH) someday soon given their strategies within the renewable chemicals and bioplastic market.

The other day, Reuters put out a news article about PTTCH looking to buy a US-based polylactic acid (PLA) firm, possibly NatureWorks (who else in the US could it be??).

We will analyze more about this news in another post but first, yesterday, PTTCH's (Update 9/28: This should be PTT Group, which is a separate company from PTTCH. Darn it, I keep forgetting... ) PTT Group's joint venture with Mitsubishi Chemical PTTMCC Biochem Company announced that it has chosen BioAmber to exclusively supply PTTMCC with biosuccinic acid for its new 20,000 tonne/year polybutylene succinate (PBS) plant that will be built in Map Ta Phut (Rayong) starting next year.

The biodegradable plastic PBS is made from succinic acid and 1,4 butanediol (BDO). Mitsubishi Chemical currently produces PBS made from petroleum-based succinic acid and BDO in its 3,000 tonne/year pilot plant in Japan. Major applications for PBS are mulch films, packaging films and flushable hygiene products.

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