September 30, 2011

Big Biofuel News

For those following my tweets, you probably know already about my recent interview with DSM about their bio-adipic acid strategies now published on ICIS News (subscription required). I am also planning to do a more comprehensive article about the interview as well as about bio-adipic acid developments for ICIS Chemical Business with publication date on October 10. For those who are not subscribers, maybe it's time to subscribe now =P.

But for the blog readers, I will tell a bit about the DSM news next week. In the meantime, here are some big news on the biofuels front. I will have a separate post about Renmatix next week.

Codexis, Raizen improves 1st gen ethanol
Codexis and Brazil-based Raizen Energia have signed a development deal to improved first generation ethanol process such as yeast performance. The companies will use Codexis' CodeEvolver™ directed evolution technology platform to improve Raizen's current process for producing ethanol made from sugar. Raizen produced 600 million gallons of ethanol in 2010.

Zeachem bags $40m USDA grant
Zeachem has been awarded part of a $40 million grant by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the commercialization of advanced “drop-in” biofuels as part of the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance consortium. ZeaChem will lead R&D and demonstration trials for production of bio-based jet and diesel fuels and bio-based gasoline at its 250,000 gal/year integrated demo biorefinery in Boardman, Oregon. The first volumes of bio-based jet and diesel fuels will be produced in test quantities in 2013 and bio-based gasoline will follow in 2015.

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