July 12, 2011

More green chemical news

I am taking a short break from writing an article for ICIS Chemical Business about bio-based chemicals for rubber manufacture, which is giving me a massive headache given the unfamiliarity of this industry.

Here's a question for bio-butanediol (BDO) developers: How come nobody is mentioning the potential market for butadiene given the projected supply tightness of this C4 key raw material for synthetic rubber manufacture? I read that butadiene was once manufactured from BDO during World War II.

The blog will explore more about green rubber chemicals covering bio-isoprene (players include Genencor/Goodyear, GlycosBio, Global Bioenergies), bio-isobutene (Gevo/Lanxess) and renewable-based processing aids for rubber manufacture (Elevance/Hutchinson).

For now, let's talk about OPXBIO's recent $36.5m funding, Blue Marble Biomaterials' new biorefinery and LS9's several press releases within the past few days.

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