July 22, 2011

Dow, Mitsui JV in sugar polymers

The Dow Chemical-Mitsui biopolymers joint venture has created a lot of buzz in the chemical, renewables and business communities given that:
a) this is Dow's biggest investment in Brazil (even though the company did not disclose any financial info),  
b) this is Dow's biggest and largest investment in renewables,  
c) this follows the previous Dow-Crystalsev biopolymers collaboration that fell through, and  
d) Braskem's green polyethylene investments are getting successful (according to Braskem).

According to Dow's press release, the JV (pending regulatory approval) will operate a sugarcane plantation, build a sugarcane-to-ethanol facility and then all of these will be integrated into a biopolymers facility producing sugarcane-based polyethylene plastics for use in high-performance flexible packaging, hygiene and medical markets.

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