July 28, 2011

Busy Amyris this week

Last post for the day, I hope, as I have to write an article about Mitsubishi Chemical's bio-chemicals strategies for ICIS Chemical Business' August 15 issue.

This one is all about Amyris' various activities this week. I must say I'm really impressed with their media relations department (and press agency) as the company churned out 4 press releases within two days.

First is the company's announcement of a commissioning of its second industrial-scale Biofene facility this time in Leon, Spain, owned by Antibioticos S.A. Amyris is already producing its Biofene molecule in Piracicaba, Brazil, owned by Biomin do Brasil Nutricao Animal Ltda.

As usual no fermentation capacity was disclosed although according to Antibioticos' website, which is one of the top penicillin producers in Europe, its Leon facility had 3.2m liter total fermentation capacity and 600,000 liter total chemical capacity.

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