July 7, 2011

2011 Green Chemistry awardees

The green blogger is back from vacation and hopefully did not miss a lot of important news from the past two weeks (such as Gevo's announcement of its isobutanol-paraxylene collaboration with Toray).

Before anything else, the blog congratulates this year's EPA Presidential Green Chemistry awardees  - BioAmber, Genomatica, Kraton Performance Polymers and Sherwin Williams as well as Professor Bruce Lipshutz of University of California, Santa Barbara.

The US EPA (Environment Protection Agency) has been giving out the awards for the past 16 years recognizing innovative chemical technologies developed that are making significant contribution to pollution prevention in the US. The EPA says the Green Chemistry Challenge program promotes research and development of less-hazardous alternatives to existing technologies that reduce or eliminate waste, particularly hazardous waste, in industrial production.

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