June 9, 2011

Weekly News Roundup

Hello blog readers,  missed me? =)

My invincible therapist told me to go on a blog-free vacation for a few days hence the lack of social media communications lately. I might have to pay the price these next few weeks though as so many news (as usual) came out while I was away. The big one is from Virent, which announced this Monday their successful production of sugar-based paraxylene. That's an interesting news for the bio-based PET bottle manufacturers.

I will have an interview with Virent's CEO Lee Edwards tomorrow.

Other news that came out this week are from Elevance Renewable Sciences, Avantium, LanzaTech and Shell formally closing its Raizen JV deal. The blog will sift through each of them as soon as possible. For now, here are last week's news for the roundup:

Gevo retrofits commercial-scale isobutanol plant
Gevo has begun the retrofit of its ethanol facility in Luverne, Minnesota, to produce 18m gal/year of isobutanol. The retrofit is expected to be complete next year summer, which will make the facility the world's first commercial-scale biobased isobutanol plant.

NuPlas to develop 2nd gen PLA
UK-based Nuplas intends to develop and supply second Generation polylactic acid (G2 PLA) using a patent-protected technology that converts lactides to PLA. Lactides are produced from carbohydrates from various crops via lactic acid.

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