June 1, 2011

Weekly News Roundup

A really, really late news roundup from last week....

Metabolix bags $6m grant from DOE
Metabolix has been awarded a $6m grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE), which the company will use for its research on polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) in switchgrass to allow co-production of chemicals and densified biomass. Metabolix also plans to further develop a new platform chemical called crotonic acid directly from PHA-containing switchgrass. Aside from Metabolix, the US DOE also awarded a total of $47m to organizations such as Cellana LLC, Domtar Paper Company, Exelus, University of Florida, University of Kansas Center for Research, University of Kentucky, and the US Forest Service - Rocky Mountain Research Station, to fund R&D projects that will support biofuels, bioenergy and biobased products from biomass.

Air Products in Carbon Capture deals
Air Products has signed agreements with Valero Energy and Denbury Onshore to proceed with a planned carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project in Port Arthur, Texas. Air Products will design, construct and operate the CCS system from its two steam methane reformers located within Valero's refinery. Around 1m tons of carbon dioxide are expected to be captured and delivered via a pipeline for injection into Denbury's enhanced oil recovery projects in Texas.

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