June 14, 2011

Biofuel News Roundup

I'll post the weekly news roundup later this week. In the meantime, my biofuel news since from last month are piling up....By the way, I just finished an article on how oil firms such as Shell, Petrobras and BP have been investing multi-million to multi-billion dollars in Brazilian ethanol. This will come out on ICIS Chemical Business' June 20 issue under Biofuels column (subscription only).

  • Virent makes gasoline from cellulosic biomass (I am writing a story on Virent's biogasoline and bio-paraxylene projects, which will come out on June 27 ICB issue).
  • Shell and Cosan officially launched $12bn biofuel JV Raizen
  • US-based Diamond Green Diesel LLC, Darling International's joint venture project with Valero Energy, has secured financing for the planned construction of its renewable diesel facility in Norco, Louisiana. Financing will be provided internally by a subsidiary of Valero Energy.
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