May 15, 2011

Weekly News Roundup

The blog will be on hiatus for 1.5 weeks as the green blogger attends the Helsinki Chemicals Forum this week as well as prepares for her final exam on May 24.

There have been a couple of big news the past week such as DSM's announcement of the construction of their commercial bio-succinic acid plant with Roquette; Verdezyne hooking up with BP and DSM on their recent financing round; Singapore-based oleochemical company Wilmar building a natural fatty alcohol plant in Europe in partnership with chemical company Huntsman; Metabolix receiving $6m grant from the DOE for a project aimed at increasing fuel and chemical yields from bio-based products made from switchgrass; another announcement (currently embargoed) coming in this Tuesday; and more announcements below.

I will try to expand on some of them in another post when the blog comes back as well as start writing some overview from the very successful ICIS 1st surfactant conference.

Linde and Sapphire Energy in Algae Fuel
Carbon dioxide supplier Linde Group and algae developer Sapphire Energy have entered a multi-year development deal for a low-cost system to deliver carbon dioxide to commercial-scale, open-pond algae-to-fuel cultivation systems. A single commercial algae-fuel production facility is estimated to require 10,000 tonnes/day of CO2, which is comparable to 30% of the current merchant market for CO2 in the U.S.

Elevance and DSM in bio-plastic
Elevance and DSM have signed a letter of intent for a collaboration to evaluate Elevance's monomers for production of specialty bio-based high performance thermoplastic materials for DSM's engineering plastics portfolio. Elevance will provide natural monomers from plant oils.

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