May 5, 2011

Interview: Carbon Sciences

My apologies to Carbon Sciences for putting this interview post very, very late. However, this could be a good timing given that price of gasoline is once again within the $4/gal range.

Carbon Sciences, a California-based public company, is developing drop-in gasoline using carbon dioxide and methane gas as feedstock. The company's intellectual property (IP) is centered on its methane dry reforming catalyst based on inexpensive non-noble metals. These catalysts according to Carbon Sciences CEO Byron Elton, are now going through rigorous commercial testing to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry.

Now, I am not that familiar with Carbon Sciences but I did recall talking to former CEO Derek McLeish in late December 2008 about their project of using recycled CO2 to produce precipitated calcium carbonate. The company back then has also been using biocatalysts. Elton noted that the calcium carbonate project has been shelved for now as the company now focuses on producing gasoline from natural gas since the US has plenty of that feedstock lying around. Elton joined the company in January 2009.

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