May 26, 2011

Bioplastics - Hot in Italy?

Is the global bioplastic industry already benefiting from plastic bag ban in Italy? US-based Cereplast thinks so as it currently goes through its construction plans of a 100,000 tonne/year bioplastic facility in Assissi (Cannara), Italy.

"After exploring possible sites in several countries in Europe, we identified a central location in Italy, where we have established several strong distribution relationships. In addition, the Italian government has expressed its strong support for the development and use of bioplastics, therefore it was the obvious location choice for our plant.” - Frederic Scheer, Cereplast CEO.
According to Scheer, 85% of their business is already based in Europe, where bioplastic demand is expected to reach 1m tons by 2014. The European bioplastics market is growing by 15-20%/year according to the European Bioplastic Association.

[Photo by Fashionblabla]

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