April 29, 2011

Weekly News Roundup

The blog is thinking of moving back the Weekly News Roundup to Friday instead of Monday...maybe this will work...maybe...

Amyris now operates commercial plant
Renewable chemicals firm Amyris has completed its first industrial-scale facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil, producing its farnesene product Biofene. Amyris expects production to begin in May using sugarcane syrup as feedstock. Its Biofene will then be sold into industrial applications or used as intermediates to form renewable products such as squalene, base oil and finished lubricants/diesel.

Gevo and Mustang on bio-jet fuel
Gevo signed an engineering and consulting deal with Mustang Engieering to convert Gevo's bio-isobutanol to parafinnic kerosene for use as jet fuel. Gevo expects to initiate jet engine testing with engine manufacturers once it completes a final "fit for purpose" testing at the Air Force Research Laboratory expected in June.

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