April 25, 2011

Rivertop to start pilot plant construction

This post was from my Q&A with Rivertop Renewables' new president and chief financial officer Jere Kolstad (ex-CEO Jim Stoppert reportedly still continues as an advisor). The company recently announced its plans to start building its 100,0000 lb/year semi-works plant in the Fall this year at its headquarters in Missoula, Montana, as well as expanding equipments at its current laboratories. The company will initially produce glucaric acid at the semi-works facility.

Within a year of starting the pilot production, construction of a 60m lb/year commercial plant is expected, said Kolstad.
"We will first produce commercial product through contract manufacturing and will invest in piloting equipment for the grant-funded semi-works facility once market share is build and equipment financing is in place. Market demand could be sufficiently demonstrated as early as this year," said Kolstad.
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