April 28, 2011

Green innovation at Bayer MaterialScience

ICIS now officially opens its annual Innovation Awards, which is handled by co-blogger and colleague John Baker. This year, the award has a new category called Best Innovation for Sustainability sponsored by Dutch chemical firm DSM.

This category intends to recognize companies that have been innovative in their approach to embracing sustainability practices in product development and production to ensure long-term business continuity and environment quality (I am quoting John's words here...).

I had an interview  a couple of weeks ago with Bayer MaterialScience's chief administrative officer Robert Kumpf who is also the head of Bayer North American Corporate Sustainability Community Council. He talked about sustainability-related development programs at BMS here in the US as well as some of the company's innovative new products and processs related to sustainability. I should have told him to try entering this year's ICIS Innovation Awards.

As like other corporate strategies, Bayer's sustainability challenge is to balance between economics, environment and social responsibility (you might have hear it as People, Planet, Profit in another sustainability language). Corporate social responsibility and innovation are two major aspects in the company's sustainability strategies especially for Bayer MaterialScience, said Kumpf.

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