April 19, 2011

Cobalt Technologies builds biobutanol facility

The world of green chemicals had gone amok with demo facility announcements...

First we had Genomatica's press release yesterday about its plans to build a bio-butanediol (BDO) demo facility in Italy in partnership with Chemtex; last week, Rivertop Renewables announced its plans to start construction of its semi-works glucaric acid facility in Missoula, Montana, this Fall; and today, biobutanol developer Cobalt Technologies announced that it will build a demo facility in Alpena, Michigan.

Let's start with today's news on bio-butanol and we'll post a separate one for Genomatica and Rivertop Renewables.

The green blogger had the pleasure of talking with Cobalt Technologies late last year for a biobutanol article published at ICIS Chemical Business (subscription required). According to the press release, the company is collaborating with biorefinery technology firm American Process Inc. (API) to build a 470,000 gal/year n-butanol demo facility, where the biobutanol product will be pre-sold to chemical industry partners.

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