March 24, 2011

Weekly News Roundup

Failed to meet my schedule yet compensate, I have more than enough two weeks worth of news here. I am also preparing to write an article on bio-based surfactants so those who are interested to participate, just email me.

Eastman stops phthalates production
Eastman Chemical will discontinue the manufacture and supply of two of its orthophthalate plasticizers and will no longer offer the products as of December 31, 2011. Eastman said it has broad offering of non-phthalate alternatives.

Materia to build catalyst plant in Singapore
Materia will open a catalyst manufacturing and R&D facility in Singapore with initial operating capacity of 10 tonnes by the end of 2012. Material expects to choose the site in 3Q 2011 and construction to begin by year-end. (FYI: Materia's olefin metathesis catalyst technology is currently being used by Elevance Renewable Sciences.)

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