March 5, 2011

Introducing Bioformix

Before all my interviews get buried deep in my draft box, let's start with Bioformix' CEO Adam Malofsky, which I had a great time talking with during the Infocast Biobased Chemicals summit in San Diego. California

The green blog has heard of Bioformix last year in June through fellow blogger Green Underworld. Until recently, I have not found much information about the company and its technology except a press release in May last year when the company raised $1.05m in venture capital funding from CincyTech and Queen City Angels (QCA).

During my interview, I get to learn more about adhesives, sealants and coatings where some of the issues centered on solvent use, curing times, energy costs, curing efficacy and of course, issues with bisphenol-A. This is actually an industry I'm not really familiar with so I did lots of googling although when it comes to Bioformix' monomer platform - di-substituted vinyl monomers - I really had a hard time finding information!

Now, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company was founded in September 2009 by mostly ex-employees of "super glue" developer Loctite company (which was acquired by Henkel in 1997). According to Malofsky, their monomers has been known for decades but every previous attempt to commercialize the product (until know) has failed.

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