March 16, 2011

ICIS coverage of Japan's crisis

While on jury duty, I've been trying to catch up as much as I can about the impact of ongoing crisis in Japan within the chemical industry based on the coverage from ICIS. The green blog along with my ICIS colleagues are deeply saddened and very much concerned about the disaster still happening in Japan.

The principle of sustainability and green chemistry is not just focusing on improving environmental and economic aspects within the chemical industry but also the social responsibility of each companies. The blog is glad to note the humanitarian efforts of Dow Chemical and Dow Corning. I'm sure there are more companies right now doing the same thing.

My ICIS colleagues John Richardson, Malini Hariharan and special contributions from Nigel Davis on the Asian Chemical Connections blog have excellent post updates on plant shutdowns and impacts on several petrochemical markets. We are glad to hear from many chemical companies based in Japan that their employees were not harmed.  I have met so many great colleagues and acquaintances from Japan throughout my years writing for ICIS/Chemical Market Reporter and my thoughts and prayers for their safety and health go out for them.

Finally, blogger colleague Paul Hodges from the Chemicals and the Economy blog looked at the potential impacts of the Japan disaster on the petrochemical and polymers industry as well as the energy markets, end user markets, and financial markets.

By the way, a quick thought that popped in my head is that we have seen how disasters can quickly create water and energy problems. It might be time to look at how green chemistry innovation can enable the development of creating quick and efficient portable water and energy sources.
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