February 18, 2011

Weekly News Roundup

Miss me? ;-). The blog had a very fruitful week attending the 2nd annual Biobased Chemicals Summit in San Diego, California, hosted by Infocast. I even brought a milder weather to New York today from San Diego! There were soooo many green chemical news and announcements this week, I'll try to post them as much as I could but first here are last week's news roundup (better late than never).

Emery Oleochemicals in personal care
Malaysia-based Emery Oleochemicals partners with Korea-based AK ChemTech Co. for the development and production of palm oil-based specialty esters and chemicals for home and personal care application. The joint venture represents Emery's goal in expanding towards high-value oleo-derivatives segment.

Clorox discloses ingredients
Clorox said is it now disclosing information about its dyes, preservatives and a palette of fragrance ingredients used in all cleaning, disinfecting and laundry products in the US and Canada. Clorox is all adding a notice to all product labels that its ingredients list is available at www.CloroxCSR.com.

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