January 18, 2011

Weekly News Roundup

Evergreen Solar closes plant
Evergreen Solar intends to shut down operations at its Devens manufacturing facility by the end of first quarter citing price pressure for 2011 because of significant capacity expansions in China combined with potential adverse changes in government subsidies in several markets in Europe.

GM licenses Argonne's lithium battery tech
General Motors and U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory have reached a worldwide licensing agreement to use Argonne's patented composite cathode material to make advanced lithium-ion batteries that last longer between charges and can charge at higher voltages. Argonne's composite cathode material has a unique combination of lithium- and manganese-rich mixed-metal oxides in a stable materials-design approach.

Rhodia develops rare earth recycling process
Rhodia has developed a new process for the recovery and separation of rare earths contained in used low-energy light bulbs. The luminescent powders, containing high concentrations of rare earths can now be recycled at two of the Group's plants in France (Saint-Fons and La Rochelle).

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