January 18, 2011

Green diesel article and interview

I've been having too many interviews lately about renewable fuels not to mention several interesting regulatory news within the US ethanol industry during December. We'll get to ethanol some other time but for now, I want to post this interview I had with Honeywell's UOP business about their green diesel technology.

This interview is complement to my ICIS Chemical Business article published on December 13. As a belated holiday gift, I am making this article free for viewing (and also to entice readers to subscribe - hey, it's just $157.50/year + free chemical profile archives - a pretty darn good deal!)

As a background, renewable diesel or green diesel is different from traditional biodiesel where the latter is usually esterified fats and oils while the former is usually produced through hydrotreatment of fats and oils. Only Neste Oil and Dynamic Fuels are currently producing green diesel at scale, according to Lux Research.

In my interview with Jim Rekoske, Vice President and General Manager of the Renewable Energy and Chemicals business unit at UOP,  he explained that the company does not produces its own commercial green diesel but instead provides license for the technology. UOP currently has a small-scale production facility in operation to provide fuel for samples and testing.

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