December 19, 2010

Weekly News Roundup

A lot of activities last week which I was unable to post as I was out playing NYC tour guide for 4 days. Amyris and Cosan announced their green base oil JV; Solvay announced plans to build a glycerin-to-ECH plant in China; Dow plans to build a HPPO-based propylene glycol plant in Thailand; and Olin is exiting the mercury-based chlor-alkali production in the US. All of these news will be in separate posts.

Hopefully, this short week will be a quiet one. The green blog wishes everybody a very Merry Christmas!!

TetraVitae's butanol from corn dry mill
TetraVitae Bioscience successfully produced n-butanol in a corn dry-mill pilot plant which demonstrates potential economic production of the chemical from renewable-based source in North America, according to the company. The process also produces acetone and distiller's grains.

Chemicals from wild algae
New Zealand-based Aquaflow Bionomic reported over 100 chemical compounds that the company has isolated from wild algae. The company is targeting development of 20 chemicals that include toluene, ethyl benzene, styrene, xylene, C10-C17 paraffins and olefins, pyrimidine, alkyl pyrazines, NMP, NEP, 2-pyrrolidinone, N-methyl piperidinone, 2-piperidinone, dimethyl-cylopentanone, propanoic acids, palmitic nitrile, butanoic acid, di-anhydro mannitol, di-anhydro sorbitol and alkylphenols.

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