December 2, 2010

Green products for your holiday list

This year, I am making sure my annual green gifts for the holidays will be a bit early (still in time for Hannukkah!) compared to last year. It seems there are more offerings as well this year so I hope this will be helpful in crossing out some from your holiday list. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

1. BPA-free kitchenware - Eastman Chemical has been very busy this year partnering with several companies that want to incorporate its Tritan copolyester in order to market plastic products that are free of bisphenol-A (BPA). Aside from the usual water bottles, Eastman also featured BPA-free food storage containers made by Reynolds and a multifunctional blender by Cuisinart.

2. Forever green lawn - Do you often hear family complaints on lawn mowing and pruning? Do you want to conserve water and eliminate costs on lawn pesticides as well? DuPont noted its DuPont ForeverLawn Select Synthetic Grass as a green solution to these problems. The artificial turf also uses recycled plastic for its backing. SynLawn's synthetic lawn and turf meanwhile are using soy-based polyols for their backing made and developed by Universal Textile Technologies with the help of the United Soybean Board.

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