December 14, 2010

Dow profits from Clean Technologies

We published this week ICB's annual Top 40 Power Players within the global chemical industry and Dow Chemical CEO and president Andrew Liveris was chosen as the top power player for 2010.

This reminds me of my attendance at Dow's annual investor day last month where a lot of the business presentations I saw targets clean technology such as Dow's solar shingle, epoxy resins in wind energy, water treatment, energy storage, technologies in green building trends, green polyethylene....During the event, Liveris said they expect the clean tech energy sector opportunity to be more than $2 trillion by 2020.

.....Finally, I was able to speak to Dow's vice president of sustainability and EHS (Environnmental, Health and Safety) Neil Hawkins at the event. He noted continued strong demand for chemicals and other clean technology materials in the US despite regulatory uncertainty in the implementation of renewable energy policies from the newly-elected US law makers.

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