November 10, 2010

Green chemicals from October

There have been so many new green product introductions for October and November because of various industry tradeshows and conferences where companies prefer to announce new product launch. I already kick-started some of the new bioplastic introductions from the K Show but there were others that I did not get in time so they're now posted here.

Here are our October's green chemicals:

1. Vereniums' ethanol enzyme - Verenium started selling its Deltazym GA L-E5 high performance enzyme for the saccharification of liquefied starch in ethanol fuel production process. The enzyme demonstrates high yields using substrates such as cassava, corn, milo, barley, and wheat.

2. AkzoNobel NPE alternative - AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry has introduced Berol 609, an alcohol ethoxylate blend designed as a drop in replacement for nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) particularly NP9 and NP10 in aqueous cleaning formulations.

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