October 14, 2010

Stonyfield yogurt cups from PLA

Yogurt manufacturer Stonyfield Farms announced yesterday that it is now using NatureWorks' Ingeo polylactic acid (PLA) resin for its multi-pack yogurt cups under the brands YoBaby, YoToddler and YoKids as well as B-Healthy, B-Well, Probiotic & O'Soy.

The new cups replace petroleum-based polystyrene (PS#6) and will be stamped with "Made From Plants" on the bottom. The cup is 93% made from corn-based PLA compounded by Clear Lam Packaging in Illinois, where the Ingeo resin is mixed with colorings and other additives before being sent to Stonyfield Farms. The rest of the cup materials are composed of 4% colorant made with titanium dioxide (hmmmm, I wonder if there's a slight grumble with this tidbit of information from health advocates...) and 3% additives.

Stonyfield noted that the entire multipack, including the paper label and PET lidding, is 81% bio-based material.

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