October 21, 2010

Presenting: Siluria

The green blog still has Anellotech (tech - Biomass to aromatics) and Arzeda (tech -biocatalysts) to cover based on their presentations from the Biobased Chemicals East conference, but let's start with this very intriguing company Siluria - their technology is based on a breakthrough catalyst that can convert natural gas specifically methane to ethylene.

I was able to talk to CEO Alex Tkachenko who explained to me how their catalyst works. Siluria is a Silicon Valley-based start up company that begun in 2008 as a spin-off from Cambrios Technologies co-founded by MIT bioengineer Angela Belcher.

Cambrios currently focuses on commercializing a transparent electrode from  solar cells and other electronic devices using Belcher's technique for genetically engineering viruses and manipulating those virus to grow materials with unique properties (the virus collects and coats materials such as metals and carbon nanotubes forming nanowires with unique surface morphologies).

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