September 28, 2010

Weekly News Roundup

Here are this week's [late] news roundup. Pls. also read the blog's first Opinion post from our guest blogger Sam Nejame of Promotum. I hope we'll get more of these types of articles for the blog.

Novamont bioplastic in Thailand
Bioplastic producer Novamont signed a deal with Thantawan Industry for the distribution of its Mater-Bi bioplastic in Thailand. If a positive market will result, Novamont said it is willing to establish a plant manufacturing starch-based Mater-Bi bioplastics made from cassava starch in Thailand.

Biodiesel as natural gas substitute
LPP Combustion, LLC demonstrated their conversion of biodiesel and other liquid fuels into inert gas creating a substitute natural gas (LPP Gas™), which is then used to power combustion device. LPP Combustion installed a demonstration unit in Columbia, MD.

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