September 28, 2010

OPINION: A guest post from Promotum

I am encouraging the green blog readers to submit their views and opinions about what is going on in the green chemical space. Here's our first one from Sam Nejame, founder of Promotum.


Doris is a great voice for green chemicals and it’s an honor to be able to contribute to her blog. I always like reading about what she thinks is interesting. Here are some of my recent takes on what’s going on (in three little green pieces).

What’s in a name? 
A number of things strike me these days as I read the trade press, attend conferences, and pour over the recent spate of S1 filings. For one, the shift in how companies identify themselves is telling. Biofuels used to be cool. Everyone was a biofuels company. No more.

Now, many identify as chemical companies first and biofuels companies second. Startups Gevo and Amyris have made the switch in their literature, while Cobalt Biofuels recently changed its name to Cobalt Technologies and Aurora Biofuels mutated to Aurora Algae. Overall, there’s been a lot of rebranding since we’ve failed to meet those pesky cellulosic ethanol mandates. Are investors getting impatient, is it the start of another industry shakeout or have companies realized higher margins are to be had in chemicals? Stay tuned for more rough weather, it’s probably all of the above.

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Sam Nejame is the Founder of Promotum, a management consulting firm specializing in technology commercialization and business development.
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