September 16, 2010

Introducing Rennovia

Just got back from covering the Biobased Chemicals East conference in Boston and I hope you were able to follow my tweets via @ICISchemicalbiz or hashtag #ICIS.

I was planning to write about some of the presentations next week as I have a very tight deadline this week writing about green surfactants. But as I was eager to start some of them so I'll post first about Rennovia since I was able to talk to them three weeks ago.

This California-based start-up company was founded last year by Symyx Technologies veterans Tom Boussie and Vince Murphy. I first heard about them in September 2009 when it was able to closed a $12m series A funding from 5AM Ventures and Versant Ventures.

Rennovia's technology is focused more on its high throughput catalyst R&D infrastructure where it can fast develop multi-biobased product pipeline using any type of renewable-based feedstock.  Unlike most other green chemical companies embedded in fermentation processing (or in some cases hybrid chemical/biological processing), Rennovia is producing their drop-in bio-based chemicals only via chemical catalysis processing. So in short --- plants, yes, but bugs, no.

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