September 8, 2010

Interview Update: DNP Green Technology

My apologies for posting this so late but I did file an ICIS news story about DNP Green's joint venture with DuPont late last June as well as part of my biorefinery story on ICIS Chemical Business published in July.

Here's a recap of what DNP has been doing the past year with some input from president and CEO Jean-Francois Huc. The company has been very busy this year, which I'm sure I already mentioned in past posts before. The latest was the announced licensing agreement of its joint venture succinic acid company Bioamber with DuPont late last June.

DNP said it has licensed certain technology from US chemical company DuPont regarding production of bio-succinic acid derivatives although DuPont will not be involved in any marketing under this deal. DuPont, however, has the right of first refusal to secure offtake from future commercial plants.

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