September 7, 2010

Green chemicals in August

The monthly green chemicals product launch is back! (at least while I have extra time to put it all together) August seems to be the month for new product introductions focusing on the energy market. I also have a growing list of new bio-based products in the retail market that hopefully, I'll be able to post soon.

Next week, watch out for a couple of announcement posts (crossing my fingers) coming from the Biobased Chemicals East conference in Boston. I'm definitely writing one about Rennovia ;-)

For ICIS Chemical Business subscribers, I hope you enjoy my latest update on bio-butanol in this week's issue! Next week will be about fatty alcohols.

1. DuPont battery separator - DuPont has introduced Energain™, the first nanofiber-based polymeric battery separator that boosts the performance and safety of lithium ion batteries. The separators can increase power 15–30%, increase battery life by up to 20% and improve battery safety by providing stability at high temperatures.

2. Rhodia green emulsifier - Rhodia has introduced Rhodiasolv® INFINITY, an eco-friendly micro-emulsion based on biodegradable ingredients, which gives formulators the flexibility to reduce or eliminate traditional VOC solvents in industrial and institutional cleaning products.

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